BX Minerals Light MATTE Foundation Sample 6.5EUR

BX minerals Light MATTE Foundation sample.

BX minerals MATTE foundation advantage is that it's more intensive concealment, but at the same time remains 100% natural! It is a line of mineral products without preservatives, oils, fragrances, chemicals and other skin allergenic or irritating ingredients. This is a new and great alternative in BX Minerals cosmetics for those who needs more effective masking!

MATTE mineral foundation naturally covers the face with minerals easily and smoothly. Maintains normal skin moisture, does not dry it out. Does not clog pores. Perfectly masks skin imperfections. Protects skin from harmful sunlight SPF 15+. Gives skin a matte tone (effect).

Foundation samples MATTE were packed in 10 ml. jars with a sifter. Amount 1 g. Ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, sericite, white clay, mica, rose powder, rice powder.

BX minerals MATTE shades:

LIGHT MATTE - Suitable for light skin with a yellowish and / or neutral shade.
WARM MATTE - One of the most popular shades. Suitable for both light and medium dark skin with a neutral and yellow / pink tint.
BISQUE MATTE - Suitable for both light and dark women with a neutral / pink shade.
BEIGE MATTE - Suitable for medium-dark skin with a yellowish tone.
MEDIUM MATTE - Suitable for medium-dark skin with a neutral / pink tint.
TAN MATTE - The darkest color. Suitable for darker than medium dark skin with a neutral / yellowish tint.


Its so easy. Simply pick up a small amount of minerals with your Powder Brush or Kabuki Brush by swirling in the minerals. Tap off the excess by tapping your brush on the side of the jar or lid. Lightly brush on the minerals starting in the center of your face working your way to the edges and down you neck. Use concealer with concealer brush before foundation if needed an extra mask.

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