The Reasons to switch from regular to Mineral Makeup The Reasons to switch from regular to Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup has not always had the best reputation. In the past, it was associated it with a chalky, grainy texture and a full on mask like effect. It was quite heavy on the skin and not as easy to work with… But times have changed and a lot! Mineral makeup has never been more innovative, creative and sought-after, and for good reason. So how is it made? Well, minerals such as mica, zinc and titanium oxide are milled to a super-fine consistency, and this is then combined with pigment. Also, as well known, that we wont find any oils, waxes, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or bulking agents that are used by traditional cosmetics. Mineral makeup really does go a lot further, and the more you wear it, the better your skin gets. So why would not you want to switch up from traditional to mineral makeup?

It is safe.

All over the world mineral makeup recommended by dermatologists and skin specialists, because it acts like skincare. Mineral makeup contains natural skin-improving ingredients and incredible technology, which means we do not need to sacrifice health for performance.

No clog up!

Mineral makeup, unlike a lot of other makeup, wont clog up your pores. This is because mineral makeup does not contain talc, which stays on the surface of the skin, just sinking into pores. Therefore, if you suffer with enlarged pores or breakouts, mineral makeup is ideal for you.

The best for sensitive skin.

As already was mentioned, that mineral bases do not contain chemical dyes, unlike other foundations. Rather, they use the natural dyes from the minerals, and by excluding chemicals, the formulation allows the skin to breathe more naturally, which is key for sensitive and reactive skin.

It stays put.

Due to its lack of oils and waxes, regular makeup slide off the skin, mineral makeup does not, it stays put! This is all down to a special nylon that mineral makeup contains and makes the makeup heat, water and wear resistant.

It is not ends with the foundation.

Probably when we think of mineral makeup, we think its all about the base, but there is so much more. The advancement of mineral pigment technology in textures other than powders now means you can prettify your entire face using just mineral makeup.

SPF protection.

Almost all mineral makeup products contain zinc oxide, which, as well as being a great skin healer, is a natural, nontoxic sunscreen to prevent burning.

Other good things.

Mineral makeup is pure product of the nature, it also contains all kinds of other goodness too. Such as silk, pearl powder, allantoin.

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