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Shine Reduction Powder from BX Minerals is one of ours mineral make up products which is able instantly reduce unwelcome skin shining, grease or even symptoms of sweating.(continue reading…)

BX Minerals MATTE Family! BX Minerals MATTE series features more intense masking, but at the same time remains all 100% natural! It is a line of mineral products without preservatives, oils, fragrances, chemicals and other skin allergenic or irritating ingredients. (continue reading…)

Warm Blush - small pack. Would you like a more expressive makeup look? Blush is rushes to your aid! We invite you to try our new blush - WARM! (continue reading…)

Concealers small packs - it is time to try! Our protective formulations contain highly-concentrated micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which provides sun protection without irritating chemicals. These ingredients are non-allergenic and are a natural sun protection screen for both UVA and UVB protection. Our loose mineral products are free of preservatives... (continue reading…)

Try Silk and Pearl powder. Order small pack! BX Minerals create this product with the belief that healthy skin is the first line of defense against aging. This breakthrough, organic base nighttime treatment represents the first of its kind. Active ingredient formula containing no preservatives and zero irritants, only 100 percent pure organic ingredients. (continue reading…)

Black Friday 2020!

The Reasons to switch from regular to Mineral Makeup. Mineral makeup has not always had the best reputation. In the past, it was associated it with a chalky, grainy texture and a full on mask like effect. It was quite heavy on the skin and not as easy to work with… But times have changed and a lot! (continue reading…)

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BX Minerals - 5 reasons to use it! Many cosmetics companies have come out with new mineral lines of makeup in recent years. And though most women know that mineral cosmetics are all-natural and good for their skin... (continue reading…)

Greetings of 2018!!! (continue reading…)

Choose correct shade. We have nine different shades of foundation and it should suits to all skin tones. So how to choose it correct? (continue reading…)

New Name. Mineral makeup as a brand bare X minerals was started selling in 2007. From that times it was changed couple of times. These days it became BX Minerals. This is 3rd generation renewed brand! (continue reading…)

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